Deconstructing Hay Day Pop

Hay Day Pop is Supercell’s latest game that is currently in soft launch. Supercell is known for their innovation that often has the capability to define the trend in mobile free to play games for the years to come. As such, I was curious to learn what they’re bringing to the market now. In a market where developers often resort to “known” concepts to mitigate risks, we should closely watch those who dare to try something new.

I am Philipp Zupke, a game designer with 7 years of industry experience. I  have worked on games in different genres for various platforms where I significantly contributed to successful games such as Pearls Peril and Junes Journey.

Now I want to support you to build and deliver games that are up for the challenge to thrive in today’s mobile free to play market.

My specialties are

Core Loop & Session Design – Designing and balancing short and long term loops that engage players daily

Free to Play Monetization  (In app purchases & video advertisement) – Designing fair and effective monetization systems that players want to pay for

Game Economies – Designing and balancing of progression systems and game economies. From simple energy based systems to complex progression systems

Gamification – Lets make   your service fun to use. I proven principles of game design to increase engagement and retention of your users.

Onboarding – Design, Test and Debug tutorials and onboarding to make sure your players get a taste of the game quickly and learn to love it quickly

Check out the projects I have worked on to learn more. Also, here is my CV: cv philipp zupke

What I can do for you

Hands On Design

  • Designs, balancing or content creation in engine
  • Work closely with the team and support your designers

Assessment – Asses your game holistically or a certain aspect  e.g.  tutorials, market fit, audience fit, monetisation Audit

Consultation – support you in your game release and roadmap

Lets Talk

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I’d be happy to hear from you!