Pearl’s Peril (2013-2015)

  • Developer: Wooga
  • Genre: Casual Hidden Object game, with an island progression system
  • Platform: Facebook, Android, iOS
  • Role: Game Designer
  • Teamsize: 15-25

The Game

Pearl’s Peril is one of the most successful Hidden Object games on the mobile market. Originally being released in 2013, it still draws in thousands of players every day. At its peak it had over 1 Million Daily Active users. I was part of the design team, I started as an intern, and after 2 years, I was the main designer on the project.


  • Balancing of the economy and tuning of the (weeky) content
  • KPI driven feature design
    • Utilizing A/B tests and general KPI tracking to improve the game
  • Content Design & Testing – we delivered 1 whole chapter per week (5 Hidden Objects Scenes, 1 Custom “Adventure scene”)
  • Feature design: designed various features that improved retention & monetisation
  • Usability Tests, every new feature we implemented, was throughly tested before being released. These tests were conducted by me, and the results were shared with the team

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