Game Design Consulting & Mentoring


As of now, I offer my services pro bono (without charge).

If you are a game developer or an individual game designer / game design student, I can support you in the following areas:

  • Game Development Processes –  How can you setup your team, what is role of game design?
  • Conduction Usability & Playtest – Gow do you get the most of the game that you are currently building?
  • Design of Game Economies and Balancing – how do you make sure your game economy / progression is enganging?
  • Design for “Games as a serivce” and Free to Play – How do you make sure your game lasts for years
  • Design of Mechanics and Systems – How do you make something engaging?

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My Motivation:

I want to learn and improve, a big component of that is passing on knowledge as that helps to reflect on ones own experience. But I can learn a lot from you too! This is why I want to get involved with many other game projects. I also want to support indivuals, apsiring game designers who might be facing similiar challenges as I did, and sometimes still do.