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philipp zupkeI am a Game Designer currently living in Berlin, working on Mobile Free to Play Games.For me, being a game designer does not end or begin at the office door. As game designers we play games differently, we take notes maybe physical, maybe digital but at least, we improve our internal model of “How Games Work”.We do that by looking at the mechanics, the numbers, comparing it to other games that we have played. We can then try to understand why things work and why some things don’t work. This is a toolset that we can utilize when we are designing a game.To help me, and maybe even you, to improve this toolset I want to share the learnings and observations I have in this Blog.








View Resume: http://gamedesignstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/philipp_zupke_game_design_resume.pdf


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  1. Tiantong Xu September 21, 2016 00:09 Reply

    Hi Mr. Zupke,

    I’m Don, an aspiring mobile F2P game designer. I found your article on Cooking Fever. It’s really informative and touches on a big trend in mobile games, the skill-based gaming.

    In the case of Cooking Fever, I would argue that while it focuses more on skills than luck, it’s not a skill-based game. The later levels of the game are impossible without leveling the cooking tools to appropriate levels. It plays well into their core monetization of selling money and germs. So I would say it’s more of an RPG style of progress, which is also addicting.

    Here is my review on Cooking Dash 2016: http://tiantongxu.com/review-cooking-dash-2016-and-meaningful-choices/. One point I made with cooking game, in general, is that each level should only offer the ingredients needed for the level, nothing more. It will dramatically decrease the frustration a player experience.

    I also want to write my own review of Cooking Fever and look into how non-selection limit F2P games, including Clash Royale, work and how they can be successful. I hope to show you the article when I’m done!




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